Get an insight into the planetary energies that play a role in your life and your personal development with a Natal Chart Astrology Reading.

What is Astrology?

Everything is energy. In other words: everything is vibration. Energetic vibrations can be measured in Mega Hertz. Solid objects, humans, animals, emotions, planets… everything has its own vibration. Vibrations either resonate, or they repell.  

The moment of our birth is an important moment in time, as the planetary placements in the sky, and the distances between them, have a profound impact on our life and development.

How does it work?

When flipping through any magazine (or wherever Astrology is hip and happening) you probably will come across a horoscope that aligns with your birthday month. Such a horoscope can hardly be accurate as it is based on the placement of the sun only. Every personal natal chart (or birth chart) is unique, as we should look at the placements of the moon, the ascendant and other planets as well. A scorpio with a moon in pisces is very different form a scorpio with a moon in aries.

For me to prepare your chart, I will need your:

1.Exact (!) birth time
2.Birth date
3.Year of birth
4.Birth place and country

Toby Lewis
24th of May 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By booking a reading you will learn more about yourself and gain more clarity on what to be more aware of/ what to learn/ what to heal in this lifetime.

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