Transformation is an inside job. Invest in yourself with applicable practices and 1-1 support.

If you…
…find yourself suppressing or doubting who you truly are,
…find yourself lost, externally focussed, having a hard time making decisions,
…find yourself constantly engaged with a mind full of thoughts,
…are feeling called to connect with yourself on a deeper and spiritual level,
I can help you implement practices into your life and support your growth.

I am here to guide you through self-inquiry practice, so you can connect within, explore the Self, manifest your authenticity and above all; grow consciousness.

Aligning this way will allow you to make the best decisions for you, living your truth confidently and manifesting your purpose and passions without letting other people or expectations interfere.

Self-inquiry practice will create a greater sense of Self and will uncover the required needs for its growth in this lifetime.

I am by no means a superior. I am a guide, a devoted supporter and an intuitive and light hearted teacher, standing next to you.

How I coach

I love leading people to breakthrough and guiding the exploration of the Self. We all eminate our own authentic vibration, and aligning with this energy is where the magic happens.

I have been highly intuitive and compassionate, with a natural way of teaching, holding space and shining a light on different perspectives since I was very young. Growing up in a esoteric enviroment, I have been in touch with self-inquiry and spiritual practices for years.

In my life, I’ve been through rough decision making and transformation, and I can not express how much I gained acting from a real connection with my inner self.

The Sense of Self coaching program; a 90 day journey

The coaching program consists of 6 biweekly online calls of 60 minutes in a period of 12 weeks. After each session, I will send you a valuable PDF (and sometimes an audio) with concise information and all practices written out, so you can directly apply everything we discussed into your life in a practical way. I make sure the practices will be adjusted to fit into your specific situation and will be available for questions and support during our time together.

You will be investing in yourself and your spiritual growth in a practical way. You will learn to meditate and how to cope with your thoughts among other practices.

Our converstations are personal. Your guidance will include;

*self-inquiry practices – how to connect within and sensing yourself
*creating conditions and sticking to (spiritual) practices
*esoteric context of self-inquiry and consciousness
*uncovering what resonates with your core
*becoming aware of your comfortzone and habits
*authenticity, mindset & self-love and energetic alignment

I coach virtually, via Skype. If you are interested you are welcome to contact me for a free discovery call (30 minutes) to ask questions and to introduce ourselves.

Sounds good?

Yes, I’m in! Let’s connect